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Vix Sambi  - London, United Kingdom
Vix Sambi  - London, United Kingdom
Vix Sambi
Singer-songwriter, Lyricist, Singer, [Soul],London

Vix Sambi is an R & B/Soul artist from the U.K who brings a twist to music with a passion. With his soulful voice and smooth lyrics thi.. s RnB/Soul artist is sure to make an impact!! Born in 1987 Vix Sambi has been singing and had a passion for music from a young age as he recalls dancing and singing to Michael Jackson (Billie Jean). Self taught singer and songwriter Vix Sambi always used to sing wherever he went to other artist song's and making up his own melodies also thinking up lyrics on the spot. Vix always used to practice day and night developing his vocal scale and showed top results after all his dedication and hard work. This artist always dreamed of being a singer, performer and writer so Vix made it reality by putting in the hard work and dedication to record his own songs and helping other artist along the way. He loves with a passion performing live and singing his own material. He is working with various talented artists and producers such as SIMON PAYNE, TARIQ KHAN (LEGACY), AK1 PRODUCTIONS, PYRO KENESIS, (KONVICT) artist RSK and RUPTURE UK LmT. He enjoys spending his time writing his own fresh material as he has written and co produced his recent track (DON'T FLY AWAY) which aired on BritAsia TV on SKY and you can view the new music video for DON'T FLY AWAY feat Tariq Khan on This artist has performed at many venues such as OXFORD JUBILEE, MISS INDIA UK FINALS 2011, MISS INDIA FINALS NORTH broadcast-ed live on t.v and with the star player PETER CROUCH from the england football team spectating the performances. Also at the ARABS FASHION SHOW AWARDS 2012, 2015 at the Mayffair London, HORNCHURCH FESTIVAL, LIMELIGHT UK, AURA BAR BIRMINGHAM, WOMENS DAY 2015 and many charity events for the MISS INDIA finalists and many more charity events to raise money. Signed to Record Label (AK1 Productions) For any bookings contact 07852884121 (AK1 Productions) Featured Asiana Magazine more...

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Aired on BritAsia TV on Sky BBC Asian Network playlist feature Featured in Asiana Magazine Featured on MTV Top 15 in the Arts Music RnB chart Performing at Miss India UK Finals (Live on TV) Arabs Fashion Show Awards 2012, 2015 Oxford Jubilee Miss India Finals North Slough Community Gathering Under One Sky Festival Festivals International Womens Day 2015 Aura Bar Birmingham BandCamp!! iTunes


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